Fiberglass Grating

National Grating is the preferred Fiberglass Grating supplier in Canada and the USA. Our first-rate customer service and competitive prices cannot be beat by any other FRP supplier in Canada.

We stock a wide variety of Fiberglass Grating Products (FPR) for many specialized industrial and commercial applications in Ontario and B.C. We offer FRP solutions for fiberglass walkways, FRP platforms, trench drain covering, stair treads, marine docks, car washes and so more

We specialize in molded fiberglass grating and pultruded FRP bar grating. We also offer fiberglass reinforced plastic stair treads, heavy-duty HLC (High Load Capacity) FRP grates as well mini-mesh grating, covered grating, and FRP Plate. all able to withstand the Canadian climate.

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Fiberglass Grating

Industrial Fiberglass Grating

Molded Fiberglass Grating

Need FRP? We can help.

Many of our Canadian customers are buying fiberglass grating for the first time. Our highly skilled sales and customer service staff will help you select the most cost-effective Fiberglass Grating  solution for your next project. We we review your application and work with you to determine type of grating you need, how strong it should be, and how to order it. We will have your project completed as fast as possible.

With locations throughout the Canada and USA, we can provide fast delivery from the nearest location to you.

Fabrication Services
We sell our molded FRP Grating in 3’ x 10’, 4’ x 8’ and 4’ x 12’ panel sizes and 3’, 4’ and 5’ wide pultruded grating panels up to 20 feet long. We can also cut the grating to size prior to shipping so it’s ready to install as soon as you receive it. We can also provide you a quote based on a take-off from an existing set of drawings that require fiberglass grating.

Pultruded FRP Grating

Pultruded FRP Grating

Molded Grating or Pultruded?

Each application has its own unique characteristics that will determine the best type of grating to be used.
While molded grating is more cost-effective, pultruded grating can span longer distances. Based on foot traffic, one 1 inch deep molded grating will span 2 feet, 1.5 inch deep grating will span 3 feet and 2 inch deep molded grating will span up to 4 feet.

For spans over 4 feet, we typically recommend pultruded grating such as I-6000, available in 1 inch or 1.5 inch deep panels or T-5000 2 inch deep panels.

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Fiberglass Grating

We will explain the pros and cons of each option and provide a competitive price quote within 24 hours.  We look forward to hearing from you.