FRP beams and angles now in stock and available - get the best prices from National Grating. pultruded-structural-profiles-small
FRP beams and angles now in stock and available – get the best prices from National Grating.

Pultruded Structural Profiles

Change your steal to Fiberglass today!

Are you building a new structure or repairing a corroded metal structure? FRP Structures from National Grating are a perfect solution.

National Grating has large inventories of the following FRP Shapes:

  • FRP Angle
  • FRP Beam
    • C-Channel, I-Beam, H-Beam
    • Wide Flange Beam
  • FRP Tube
    • Square Tube, Round Tube, Rectangular Tube
  • FRP Round Rod
  • FRP Embedded Angle
  • FRP Plate (Flat Sheet)

Match all these up with our Fiberglass Grating products and  FRP Threaded Rod and Nuts required to build all-FRP structures.

All our flame retardant FRP shapes have a flame spread rating of 25 or less in accordance with ASTM test method E-84.

As with all our fiberglass products, we offer the best price, the best quality, and the best delivery.

To confirm your best price and delivery use our quick quote form or call our FRP experts at 1-877-984-7788 where we can confirm your specifications and give you an estimated delivery. Most standard shapes ship within 48 hours!

Fiberglass Beams
Fiberglass Beams

Fiberglass Angle
Fiberglass Angle
Fiberglass square-tube-yellow-frp__43651.30.30
Fiberglass Tube

National Grating FRP structures are safe, durable and cost effective.

Features and Benefits of FRP Structural Shapes

Corrosion resistant. Won’t rot, rust or corrode.
Strong yet lightweight.
Helps save on transportation.
Virtually maintenance-free.
Durable and weather-resistant for a longer life cycle.
Fire-retardant and nonconductive
. Helps create a safer environment.
Dimensionally stable
. Won’t shrink, swell, warp or bow.
Highly consistent.
Strength, appearance and quality are the same from piece to piece.
Easy to fabricate and install.
FRP can be cut, drilled and assembled with standard tools.
Does not require environmentally hazardous preservatives.
Fast turnaround.
Most in-stock orders are shipped within the next business day.

Bulk and Wholesale Discounts Available on Large Orders

Fiberglass FRP Shapes and Beams Applications

  • Industrial and Commercial Settings: FRP shapes are employed in industrial and commercial settings for applications such as railings and ladder systems. They offer, durability, and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for heavy-duty use.
  • General Construction: The lightweight yet durable nature of FRP shapes makes them suitable for general construction applications where a high strength-to-weight ratio is required. They are used in various structural applications to provide long-lasting, corrosion-resistant solutions. They are often utilized to reinforce wooden structures, strengthen columns and beams, and retrofit structures for seismic resistance.
  • Structural Engineering: FRP profiles, such as tubes, rods, channels, and angles, are used in structural engineering applications for new construction, as well as for reinforcing and strengthening existing structures. They are employed in the construction of beams, columns, walls, and façade systems due to their high strength, lightweight nature, and corrosion resistance.
  • Seismic Retrofitting: FRP shapes are utilized for seismic retrofitting to enhance the resistance of structures to earthquakes. They are applied to increase the seismic resistance of concrete columns, beams, walls, and floors, thereby improving the overall strength and ductility of the structures.
  • Infrastructure Components: FRP shapes find application in the construction of various infrastructure components such as tanks, manhole covers, and bridge rehabilitation. Their resistance to chemicals, durability, and low-maintenance properties makes them ideal for infrastructure applications.

We Carry Stock in These Sizes of Fiberglass Round Tube, FRP I-Beam, FRP Wide Flange Beam, and FRP Rectangular Tube:

FRP Beams Load Chart
FRP Beams and Structures Load Chart

This product meets required frp specs Fast Delivery via our Superior Logistics Network

National Grating provides FRP Beams across Canada and the United States.  Our pricing and service experts are standing by to help to find the best product for your project. With warehouses in B.C. and Ontario, we ship to all provinces and Territories including Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut. With many varieties in stock and expedited shipping, we can supply your project with FRP Beams at the best possible price.

fiberglass beams, fiberglass angle and fiberglass rod have superior radio frequency transparency to steel. Use fiberglass beams, fiberglass angle and fiberglass rod from National Grating to protect your wifi network and cellular telephone signals.

This product meets required frp specs Fiberglass Structures and Radio Frequency Transparency

In today’s connected world, we depend on cellular telephone signals, Wi-Fi networks and over the air radio and television signals. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are essential to on-site work environments. Steel structures significantly disrupt these signals. Fiberglass structures and components such as fiberglass beams, fiberglass angle and fiberglass rod are an essential part of FRP building structures that are “electronically transparent” and do not interfere with radio frequency transmissions.