Get the best prices and delivery on fiberglass stair treads from National Grating. pultruded-frp-stair-treads-application__78782.220.220

Get the best prices and delivery on fiberglass stair treads from National Grating.

Fiberglass stairs are the best solution outdoor anti-slip stairs. They outlast traditional building materials and are easy to install. Stair treads made of FRP grating are lightweight, easy to fabricate, and highly durable.

Fiberglass stair treads are available as molded FRP treads with yellow nosings and a gritted surface, for the ultimate in safety. Non-slip stair treads are corrosion resistant and lightweight.

Fiberglass stairs can be fabricated from fiberglass grating, which opens up the options enormously for color, resin, grit, mesh size, and whether molded fiberglass grating or pultruded FRP grating is more suitable.

Fiberglass Railing Systems are a natural accompanying product with fiberglass stairs for corrosive environments – all components will outlast and outperform steel, stainless steel, wood, or other traditional materials. National Grating and provide your project with color-matched components for an attractive stair system at the best price.

FRP Stair Tread Covers

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Fiberglass Stair Tread Covers are also available.


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Supplying Canada with fiberglass stair treads

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National Grating provides molded and pultruded stair treads all across Canada and the United States. Our pricing and service experts are standing by to help to find the best product for your project. With many varieties in stock and expedited shipping, we can supply your project with FRP stair treads at the best possible price.

Fiberglass Stair Treads have superior radio frequency transparency to steel. Use fiberglass stair treads from National Grating to protect your wifi network and cellular telephone signals.

This product meets required frp specs Fiberglass Stair Treads and Radio Frequency Transparency

In today’s connected world, we depend on cellular telephone signals, Wi-Fi networks and over the air radio and television signals. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are essential to on-site work environments. Steel structures and stair treads significantly disrupt these signals. Fiberglass stair treads are an essential part of FRP building structures that are “electronically transparent” and do not interfere with radio frequency transmissions.