Pultruded FRP Grating

We have many profiles of Pultruded Grating available including I-6000 , I-6010, I-6015, I-4000, I-4010, T-1800, T5000 and T-5020. All are available in polyester are vinyl ester for extremely corrosive environments. pultruded-grating-stack-of-3__41454.220.220

Pultruded fiberglass grating in many profiles and colors. We stock the right grating at the best price.

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating is high-strength grate that performs well in corrosive environments or where a lightweight grating is preferable. Fiberglass Grating pultrusions come in three categories: I-Shape bars, T-Shape bars, and High-Load bars for Heavy-Duty Applications. The bearing bars are interconnected with cross-rods every 6 inches. See the pultruded grating specs page for information on selecting the right grating for your application. See the video below to compare molded and pultruded grating.

FRP Grate Benefits: Corrosion resistant. High strength-to-weight ratio. Long service life. Fire retardant. Slip & impact resistant. Non-conductive. Superior ergonomics. Easy to fabricate. Easy to install. Attractive, clean finish.

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating installed at the SeaBus Terminal in North Vancouver, B.C. We stock a range of pultruded grating profiles in different colors.

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating installed at the SeaBus Terminal in North Vancouver, BC.

Resins available for Pultruded Grating: Fire retardant isophalic polyester, isophalic polyester, vinyl ester, fire retardant vinyl ester, and phenolic. Our standard grating is ISO-Polyester, which provides superior performance in corrosive environments.

Call for Pricing on the following FRP Bar Grating Profiles

I-6000 , I-6010, I-6015
I-4000, I-4010, I-4015
T-1800, T-1810, T-1815
T-5000, T-5020

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating Specifications

All are available in polyester or vinyl ester for extremely corrosive environments. Select from one of the profiles above are call 1-877-984-7788 for a quote on our many custom profiles and panel sizes available.

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Molded or Pultruded? Which is right for your project?

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FRP Applications for Your Industry

Our pultruded FRP gratings have applications in many industries, including:

  • chemical processing
  • food & beverage
  • marine
  • aquatic centers
  • oil & gas
  • power
  • manufacturing
  • construction
  • pharmaceutical
  • metals & mining
  • pulp & paper
  • recreation
  • water parks
  • telecommunications
  • shipping centers
  • transportation facilities
  • water & waste treatment, and
  • numerous architectural uses.

Flame Retardant FRP Grating

Our pultruded grating is manufactured using a pultruded process using polyester or vinyl ester resin with flame retardant and ultraviolet (UV) inhibitor additives. A synthetic surface veil in the outermost layer covering the exterior surface.

6 Inch Cross Rods

The bearing bars are joined into panels by passing continuous length fiberglass pultruded cross rods through the web of each bearing bar. Each continuous fiberglass pultruded bar shaped section is wedged between the two cross rod spacers mechanically locking the notches in the cross rod spacers to the web of the bearing bars.

Continuous chemical bonding is achieved between the cross rod spacers and the bearing web and between the bar shaped wedge and the two cross rod spacers locking the entire panel together to create a panel that resists twist and prevents internal movement of the bearing bars.

Continuous Strand Mat

The FRP grating and stair treads shall be fabricated from bearing bars and cross rods manufactured by the pultrusion process. The glass fiber reinforcement for the bearing bars shall be a core of continuous glass strand rovings wrapped with continuous strand glass mat. A synthetic surface veil shall be the outermost layer covering the exterior surfaces.

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Supplying Canada with fiberglass stair treads

This product meets required frp specs Fast Delivery via our Superior Logistics Network

National Grating provides Pultruded FRP Grating across Canada and the United States. Our pricing and service experts are standing by to help to find the best product for your project. With many varieties in stock and expedited shipping, we can supply your project with Pultruded Fiberglass Grating at the best possible price.

pultruded fiberglass grating has superior radio frequency transparency to steel. Use pultruded FRP grating from National Grating to protect your wifi network and cellular telephone signals.

This product meets required frp specs Pultruded Fiberglass Grating Radio Frequency Transparency

In today’s connected world, we depend on cellular telephone signals, Wi-Fi networks and over the air radio and television signals. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are essential to on-site work environments. Steel structures significantly disrupt these signals. Fiberglass structures and pultruded fiberglass grating are an essential part of FRP building structures that are “electronically transparent” and do not interfere with radio frequency transmissions.